JSMS is a brand new architecture studio created by Juan María Sánchez Muñoz, who works in Paris and Andalusia

We understand the trade of architecture from a collaborative point of view.  JSMS is part of a flexible network that links multidisciplinary collaborators that work together depending on the necessities that come up with each project. This workflow enables the creation of projects in different levels and locations, with a range of work that goes from simple programs like the private home, to more complex ones like hospital architecture. One of our goals is adapting to a globalised world that is constantly evolving.

When we approach an architecture project, our premises are always the same: paying attention to the context, searching usability and avoiding the unnecessary. In essence, we want a sensible and globally coherent solution. Our intent is to escape from distance ourselves from formal architecture to embrace one created from the tangible that satisfies the original needs

Our relationship with customers is essential in our work philosophy. We comprehend our trade as a companionship with our clients to work towards the fulfilment of their needs, having our knowledge and experience at their grasp at all times so all decisions are as transparent and clear as possible.